Canada offers guide for international students arriving during coronavirus

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The federal government has released a guide for international students who are coming to Canada, and navigating travel restrictions.

It’s called “COVID-19:  guide for international students in Canada arriving from abroad.” The government outlines the roles and responsibilities of DLIs, provinces and territories and the government of Canada in supporting international students.

The guide is aligned with health advise from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Here are some of the important points. International students can view the guide on the government webpage.

What to know before coming to Canada

Any international student or their accompanying family members with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to board their flight. If symptoms show up upon arrival in Canada, a health Canada officer will perform a screening and the person may not be allowed to enter, or transported to a hospital for a medical examination.

To read the full news, follow the story on the source website CIC NEWS